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   Dave’s Dry Extraction Carpet 

                        Cleaning Service                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Featuring Organic Strong ProZone & Releasit Encap DS2              


1. ProZone & DS2 get carpets brighter and cleaner. The double brushing action of the CRB machine opens up the carpet fibers for maximum chemical and mechanical action and soil release.

2. Encap DS2 is safe! With a neutral pH of 7.0 it won't bleed colors or cause browning or yellowing as higher pH's can. ProZone & DS2 are approved for both stain resist and wool carpeting. ProZone & DS2 are safe for your 
family and pets. Safe for you and the enviorment.

3. ProZone & DS2 clean with a small amount of water. No over-wetting to cause stains to reappear carpets to shrink or stretch, mold or mildew. ProZone & DS2 dry quickly and safely. Carpets are ready for immediate use! No long hoses throughout the house.

4. ProZone & DS2 cleaning actually retards rapid resoiling. Carpets are not clogged with sticky, soapy or dry residues/resoilers when you use the this system.

5. The CRB machine lifts the carpet pile in a gentle, nonabrasive manner as it cleans. Unmatting the pile helps the cleaning process by releasing more soil. In addition, brushing action ensures an attractive, groomed finish -- no untwisting of the carpet fibers, either.

6. ProZone & DS2 will turn a drab, uglied out carpet into a fresh, bright and attractive one. It helps insure long life for your carpeting investment.

            Serving Napa County, Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, & Sonoma.                                                                        (California)          

                                INTERNET SPECIAL!!!

                              Mention this ad and receive 29¢ per sq. ft. (reg. 

                              price 39¢ per sq. ft.) for carpet cleaning only.

Minimum $90.00

                              ( trip charge will be added to out of Napa jobs )

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